Meet my book

My book Old Stars, New Light is available on Amazon.

With Old Stars, New Light, Daniel Guirchovitch has joined the millennia-long procession of astrologers. He’s managed to see things in a fresh way without losing his grip on human reality. We can only thank him for that gift.

~ Steven Forrest, Author of The Inner Sky

In Old Stars, New Light, Daniel brings the mysterious energies of astrology, tarot, and runes to life. He … answers deeper questions about these topics that can transform the reader and help them gain greater self-awareness.

~ Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW LISW, Author of Sun Signs, Houses, and Healing: Build Resilience & Transform Your Life Through Astrology and The Mysteries of the Twelfth Astrological House: Fallen Angels.

A seasoned astrologer like myself (36+ years) always appreciates the more subtle and enlightening interpretations of basic astrology, and Daniel Guirchovitch delivers. Even after all these years, I still picked up some new ideas and pointers from Old Stars, New Light.

~ Anthony S. Picco, Astrologer, Host of Cosmic Tuesdays internet radio show

A cross between Plato’s Republic, Seth Speaks and Yeats’s A Vision… Eminently readable, full of fascinating insights, this artifact from another dimension re-enchants the intellect, science reunites with its magic roots.

~ Michael G. Donkin, Poet

Novel, fascinating insights and brilliant connections abound in this fascinating oeuvre. Daniel Guirchovitch’s passionate inquiry into the nature of human consciousness constitutes a veritable tour de force that casts a transformative light upon our modern lives.

~ Jean-François Gervais, Essence Tarot

This book … has something in it for learners at all levels of understanding. I recommend this book because it offers new insights into the psychology of reading for others.

~ Christina Howson, Readings by a Raven Heart

Inside are over 30 hours of dialogues with my friend and mentor, Elias, redefining fundamentals, diving into more advanced topics of declination, planetary speed, House systems and chart synthesis, and we include a birth chart reading with in-depth commentary. Connecting astrology to Tarot in a totally new way, we redefine individual cards, giving pointers for readings. In addition to a rune reading, we also cover casting techniques, historical roots and redefining individual Elder Futhark runes.

ISBN: 979-8-9878263-0-0

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