Eclipse on August 21, 2017

I was waiting on Steven Forrest's take on this eclipse, and as always his article was filled with insight. As I reposted it everywhere I could, some friends asked me what I myself thought. Several comments came out of this challenge, and this is one of them.

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius. Show time! We may be whistling Lara's Theme as we observe mass movements and boiling constant endless debates, but we are each on our own stage. Feel free to roar. Leo is the sign of Performance, sign of Stars.

America is Leo. Hollywood, Woodstock, Disney, NBA, NHL, MTV, Wall Street, Silicon Valley. From college dropouts with their garage startups to world class scientists, from Chefs to Dog Wisperer, people come to make a difference, to make a name for themselves, to shine.

Leo is Consuming. Consuming attention, consuming Inspiration, consumed by his Creativity, Passion and Flow. So Consuming is not bad. Christianity may have pitted sharing against Consuming, it doesn't have to be. Leos love to share, but they also love to be appreciated for it.

As one Leonine musician friend once told me "I stopped listening to music. It's time to write my own." But what is our own? What if we haven't found our flow quite yet. Well, if this eclipse is truly as powerful as some suggest it may be, it should help us , or indicate our desire as interconnected people to step into our shining star role and get a renewed appreciation for our own talents.

There is Mars involved that demands courage and action. There is retrograde Mercury and retrograde Uranus, that encourage us to look at ourselves and identify where we are still disconnected, still not seeing our own patterns of automatic behavior, missed doors that are wide open, and unused reservoirs of Brilliance.

So if we experience peer pressure, we may do good for ourselves and listen to our own voice first. If this one is a King maker or breaker, I say let's forget Trump, impeachment or madness.

Hale the new King that is You! 🙂

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