Show Compassion not Pity

Insightful article by Inge Schumacher!

The Fairy Tale Dimension

I have been thinking about writing a blog article about compassion for some time. My work with refugees triggered my interest in this subject. I learned a lot about compassion in the last years and I want to share some of my personal insights here.

We fairy tale dimension fans use compassion when we help to alleviate the consequences of the overdue frequency change. The illness in the fairy tale dimension

Refugees in Germany

In 2015 a huge wave of refugees from Syria flooded into Europe and in the course of one year Germany welcomed one million of them. This would not have been possible without millions of Germans pitching in.

In my neighbourhood in Hamburg one of more than thirty refugee camps was built in 2015. Since then I have been coordinating the German teachers and teaching myself. My colleagues and me have been working with many people from…

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