Houses of Learning

Folks who say an answer to gun violence is more guns are clearly a little confused. Unless of course they are taking Homeopathy 101 in a College of Alternative Medicine and hope the organism of society gets fed up and will self-regulate. That self-regulation has already started, enough with the poison.

What could work also is curing weed with weed. That’s right – give pot to those who are upset by other’s choice to use it and boom – problem solved, everyone is happy.

The school shootings are symptoms of more complex issues. Such as mandatory schooling. Such as one method fits all approach. Such as insane amount of homework, prison like routine, etc etc.

But in a short term, metal detectors would be nice. Maybe some eager gun dealers in jail? Overcrowded already? Free harmless herb dealers and herb growers, put a few NRA fundamentalists in. Herbalists need space, soil, unhindered blue sky, freedom. Gun nuts may enjoy security and armed guards. Everyone will get what they want.

As I wrote the above I intended to share my sincere thoughts in a lighthearted and humorous manner, but it didn’t quite come out right, and I felt it, and then some friends were puzzled, maybe even took offense.

So here is a “take two”.

I am not pro guns. I am pro musical instruments. I am pro pot. I am pro science, pro sport, pro meditation and pro art. I am pro love and pro nature. I believe love is the core of our nature.

I feel much better with people who do not feel a need to own a gun. I think ideas of arming teachers may be good for a war zone, but not (yet) our country. Reference to homeopathy was to point out that “cure like with like” will not work for gun violence. Homeopathy works with small amounts, we are way beyond that.

Comprehensive solution is needed. Things like metal detectors, real gun control may be effective measures to be taken immediately.

However, while taking guns away could be a good first step (if it is feasible), there is a deeper issue here as well. Because you can take guns, bombs, trucks, poisons, etc away and still someone will find a way. So the question then is why is there so much tension in school? Why is it such a tough environment?

Schools must change with the times. Most schools I hear about are not playing with kids to help each and every one of them expand and learn, they are too often handling kids as an assembly line, pushing them thru the often useless motions.

That creates frustration in many, and completely blows up a few, who then use the guns, or become bullies, etc. That too must be addressed.

There are excellent initiatives already. For example you can download an app and connect with others during lunch time – in case you are bullied or otherwise ostracized. It was started by a teen girl who was bullied it is now a mature network. Not “thoughts and prayers”, but real actions and creative solutions.

Montessori schools use different approaches from conventional schools altogether, they emphasize collaboration and project based learning. Kids of various ages collaborate. No competition. No tests.

Aren’t these the kinds of things we could adopt and improve upon?

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